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Family News of the Catholic Church in China

0 Author: Yeung Cho Woon
Publisher: Holy Spirit Study Centre
Language: English
Price: HK$20.00/US$2.50 (Postage Excluded)
Catholic "grandfathers" and "grandchildren" of the 1980' s tell their stories in Family News. Fr. Tan Tiende describes his years in prison for the faith. At the end, Bishops Duan Yinming, Ma Qi and Yang Libo describe the inadequacies and injustices of the government's grudging restoration of a limited space for religious activities. Such talk is a good way to get rearrested, but they were not afraid. In the middle of the book, thirteen catechumens and newly baptized share their joy in finding the Catholic faith. The elders suffered for decades, yet lived long enough to see their spiritual successors.

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