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Title : 半世紀徘徊中共宗教政策與實施探討
Author : 林瑞琪 (Anthony S.K. Lam)
Publisher : 聖神研究中心 (Holy Spirit Study Centre)
Language: Chinese
Publication date : April 1997
Edition : First edition
Number of pages : 146 pages
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 962-85140-1-6
Price : HK$50.00/US$7.00 (postage excluded)
Introduction :
As a Chinese Catholic, while reflecting on the development of religion in China in the second half of the 20th century, there are both joy and sorrow. The joy is that after so much hardship and obstacles we can still find the vitality of religion in China. The sorrow is that religion still does not have the acceptance of the mainstream politics in China, and the value of religion for China is not appreciated. Against this background, the author reflects on how the Chinese government treats religion.
We cannot deny that there has long been conflict between religions and the mainstream politics in China. However, in considering the attitude of the ruling class in China, we cannot draw a simple conclusion that it is a conflict between atheists and believers, because amidst differences we can find similarities, and similarities amidst differences.


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