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Title : 家訊 - 主愛中華文摘
Author : 楊祖媛 (Teresa Yeung)
Publisher : 聖神研究中心 (Holy Spirit Study Centre)
Language: Chinese
Publication date : March 1990
Edition : First edition
Number of pages : 136 pages
Binding : Paperback
Price : HK$20.00/US$2.50 (postage excluded)
Introduction :
In these two years, due to her work, the editor came to know a number of Catholics, priests and bishops in mainland China. They have suffered a lot for their faith. However, in the early 1980s, when churches in China gradually reopened, they became active again and devoted themselves in spreading the gospal and taking care of the parishioners. Every time when the editor get together with these friends in the mainland, she feels contented and relaxed. The editor hopes that these articles would also bring a fresh breeze to the readers.


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