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Title : 亞毛斯先知與他的「地震神學」
Author : 林瑞琪(Anthony S.K. Lam)
Publisher : 聖神研究中心 (Holy Spirit Study Centre)
Language: Chinese
Publication date : September  2015
Edition : First edition
Number of pages : 73 pages
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-988-16476-4-1
Price : HK$40.00 / US$6.00 (postage excluded)
Introduction :
The earthquake has gone by, but let the fear remain; that tossing has run its course, do not let discretion deparat with it. We spent three days in prayer; let us not relax our zeal. This is why the earhquake came; because of our laxity. We relaxed, and we summoned the earthquake; we renewed our seal, and we drove away His anger.
-St. John Chrysostom, sixth sermon on Lazarus and the rich man.