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殉道者郭西德傳 - 事件的背景及爭議

Title : 殉道者郭西德傳 - 事件的背景及爭議 - 150年傳教使命
Author : 柯毅霖 (Gianni Criveller, PIME)
Publisher : (Catholic Truth Society) 公教真理學會
Language: Chinese
Publication date : July 2014
Edition : First edition revised (First edition on 2004)
Number of pages : 51 pages
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 978-988-8150-97-7
Price : HK$22.00 (postage excluded) 
Introduction :
The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME), Hong Kong, is pleased to present the book of Fr Gianni Criveller about the life and martyrdom of missionary priest, Saint Alberico Crescitelli, to all readers. The book was published by the Holy Spirit Study Centre in an English-Chinese bilingual edition in 2004. All the copies of the book were sold out after 10 years.
This time we have decided to reprint only in Chinese because the goal is to enable more Chinese readers to know more about Fr. Alberico Crescitelli, who was declared a saint in 2000. We thank the Catholic Truth Society for reprinting the book. We also thank the friends of the Holy Spirit Study Center for their cooperation.
Saint Alberico Crescitelli was a very enthusiastic and caring missionary. He endured great suffering for his faith in Christ, and for the benefit of Chinese Christians. Through his example and intercession, may the Church in China gain the freedom she needs and in solidarity with one another.


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