Catholic Diocese in Mainland China

General John Duns Scotus Bible Reading Promotion Center
The New Life Mission
  Catholic Church in China
  China Online Study Centre
  Teresa workshop
Government State Administration for Religious Affairs of P.R.C.
  United Front
Suzhou Religious Bureau
Seminary Jilin Seminary
  St. Joseph minor Seminary, Hengshui Diocese
Beijing Beijing Diocese
Guangdong Catholic Archdiocese of Guangzhou 
Hebei Xixian Diocese
  Tianjin Diocese
  Yongnian (Handan) Diocese
  Jinde Charities
Jilin Jilin Seminary
Ningxia Ningxia Diocese
Shaanxi Xian Diocese
  Fengxiang Diocese
Shanghai Shanghai Diocese
Shanxi Shanxi Diocese
Sichuan Chongqing Archidiocese
  Catholic Love Association
Tianjin  Tianjin Diocese
Tianjin Diocese, Xikai Church,
Tibet Tibet Online
  Dali Diocese
 Zhejiang Wenzhou Diocese
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