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The Catholic Church in Present-Day China : Through Darkness and Light
誰主沉浮 : 天主教當代歷史反省 (out of stock)
Challenges and Hopes : Stories from the Catholic Church in China
Decades of Vacillation : Chinese Communist Religious Policy and Its Implementation
半世紀徘徊– 中共宗教政策與實施探討
Family News of the Catholic Church in China
家訊 - 主愛中華文摘
The Martyrdom of Alberico Crescitelli : Its Context and Controversy / 陝西羅馬修院與殉道者郭西德:事件的背景及爭議
Papal Documents Related to China 1937-2005
Power and Struggle : The Authentic Church Structure of the Catholic Diocese in China and the Abuse of Political Power
Spring Rain
《公教報》創刊研究 1928-1931
中華大地的榮耀 : 慶祝一百二十位中國殉道者榮列聖品
中國教會何去何從 ?  (Online reading)
What Future for the Church in China ?  (Online reading)
21世紀中國教會 : 悲歡離合  
History of the Formation of the Native Catholic Clergy in China 
The Boxer Movement and Christianity in China / 義和團運動與中國基督宗教
From Milan to Hong Kong : 150 years of mission
從米蘭到香港 - 150年傳教使命
Han- Mongol encounters and missionary endeavors
Lettera a una professoressa
The Parable of Inculturation of the Gospel in China: A Catholic Viewpoint
Preaching Christ in Late Ming China : The Jesuits' presentation of Christ from Matteo Ricci to Giulio Aleni (out of stock)
When Obedience Is No Longer a Virtue / 當服從不再是美德
殉道者郭西德傳 - 事件的背景及爭議



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