Winter 2016 Vol. 36 - No. 183 70 Years of the Chinese Catholic Hierarchy

Hong Kong has a New Coadjutor Bishop

Tripod Staff

        On November 13, 2016 the Holy See announced a new appointment for the Diocese of Hong Kong. Auxiliary Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-cheung was made the new coadjutor bishop of Hong Kong.

        Bishop Yeung was born in a Catholic family in Shanghai on December 1, 1945. He moved with his parents to Hong Kong at the age of 4. He entered the Hong Kong Diocesan Holy Spirit Seminary in 1972 and was ordained a priest on June 10, 1978. Together with Fr. Stephen Lee and Fr. Joseph Ha, Fr. Yeung was appointed an Auxiliary Bishop of Hong Kong on July 14, 2014.

        As coadjutor, Bishop Yeung will succeed John Cardinal Tong Hon of Hong Kong when the latter finishes his term of office.

        Bishop Yeung made a brief remark after his appointment was announced. He extended his special gratitude to Cardinal Tong and Bishop Emeritus Cardinal Zen. Both of them were his professors during his time in the Seminary.

        At the present time the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong has two cardinals, one coadjutor bishop, one auxiliary bishop to minister to 370,000 Chinese Catholics and 190,000 foreign Catholics.

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