Summer 2017 Vol. 37 - No. 185 Reflections on 500 Years of Religious Reformation

Tripod Index 2015-2016 Vol. XXXV, No. 176 — Vol. XXXVI, No.183

Tripod Staff


Bible and Theology
Zhang, Grace The Development of Theology in the Church in China in the Last Decade 179: 102-113

China and the Holy See 
Hua Min
Sino-Vatican Relations in the Last Ten Years, and Future Prospects 178: 85-92
Kroeger, James H., MM Pivotal  Themes of Vatican Council II and the Catholic Church in China 179: 88-99
Tripod Staff China and Vatican Meeting in Beijing Confirmed 179: 100-101
Yu, Heping Our time belongs to God 181: 105-111
John Cardinal Tong The Communion of the Church in China with the Universal Church 182: 75-92
Chen, Fang-Chung Prospect of Diplomatic Relations between Taiwan and the Holy See, according to a Taiwanese Catholic 183: 95-104

Chinese Catholic Hierarchy    
Ticozzi,Sergio, PIME   
The Establishment of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy: Its Meaning and Effects 183: 59-64
Louis Ha Hong Kong and the Chinese Catholic Hierarchy 183: 65-71
Lam, Anthony Seeking Chinese Archbishops for the Catholic Hierarchy in China 183: 72-77

Church History and People          
Staff of the Holy Spirit Study Centre   
Remembering Bishop Zeng Jingmu and Bishop Zhang Huaixin 181: Inside Back Cover
Barry, Peter J., MM Book Review: Kilian Stumpf, Acta Pekinensia, Historical Records of the Maillard de Tournon Legation, Vol I, December 1705-August 1706 181: 112-116
Staff of the Holy Spirit Study Centre Remembering Bishop Emeritus Huang Shoucheng of Mindong, and Bishop Zhu Weifang of Wenzhou 182: 132
Tripod Staff Hong Kong has a New Coadjutor Bishop  183: Inside Back Cover

Church in China
Pon, Cynthia
Reflections Based on a Recent Visit to Northern China: Urbanization and How the Local Church Responds

 177: 88-100
Holy Spirit Study Centre Staff Cross-Demolition Resumes in Zhejiang 178: 99-103

Cultural Revolution in China   
Ticozzi,Sergio, PIME 
The Fate of Catholics during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) 182: 93-106
Ching, Cheong Where is China Going? Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Cultural Revolution 182: 107-116
Lam, Anthony Three Cases: Challenges to the Church during the Cultural Revolution 182: 117-125      

Barry, Peter J., MM

Editorial (Tripod No. 176: The Social Teaching of the Church and China)  176: 73-74
Barry, Peter J., MM 
Editorial (Tripod No. 177: Faith and Catholic Youth in China Today) 177: 65-66
Barry, Peter J., MM Editorial (Tripod No. 178 A Review and A Look Forward on the 35th Anniversary of the Holy Spirit Study Centre) 178: 65-66
Barry, Peter J., MM
Editorial (Tripod No. 179: A Review of the last 35 Years of the Catholic Church in China)
179: 69-70
Barry, Peter J., MM Editorial (Tripod No. 180: Ministry to Ethnic Minorities in China) 180: 69-70
Barry, Peter J., MM Editorial (Tripod No. 181: Year of Mercy and the Church in China)  181: 69-70
Barry, Peter J., MM Editorial (Tripod No. 182: 50 Years After the Start of the Cultural Revolution in China 182: 73-74
Barry, Peter J., MM Editorial (Tripod No. 183: 70 Years of the Chinese Catholic Hierarchy) 183: 57-58

Ethnic Minorities and Religion in China
Lardinois, Olivier
The Indigenous People of Taiwan: A Still Too Unknown Part of the Christian World 180: 91-98
Zeng, Zhihui Queen Mother of Zhangke: Marian Shrines of the Buyi People in Guizhou 180: 99-105
Barry, Peter J., MM  The Life of Fr. Leonard Marron, MM, among the Bunun People in Taiwan 180: 106-111

Evangelical Mission of the Church
Peng, Jiandao

A Review of the Evangelical Experience of the Church in Handan in the Last Thirty-Five Years 179: 114-120
Iheanacho, Valentine U.  Benedict XV and the Rethinking of Catholic Missionary Strategy 183: 78-94

Formation of Priests and Seminarians
Bai, Hong 
Philosophical Formation in Mainland Seminaries: Status and Prospects 178: 93-98

Information and Statistics
Compiled by Ticozzi, Sergio , PIME China Church and News Update 2014 176: 111-131
Ticozzi,Sergio, PIME
China Church and News Update 2015  180: 71-90
Lam, Anthony Catholic Population in China Since 2000 and Its Impact 180: 118-124

Interactions Between Society and Christian Faith
Zhitiao The Closing Statement of Xu Zhiyong, a Citizen and Lawyer in the People's Republic of China 176: 75-93
Riverside Tree The Conversion of a Despondent Lawyer 176: 94-98
Meng, Weina  What is Justice? Fragments of Reflections and Practice 176: 99-103
Franco Mella, PIME The Occupy Movement and Democracy in China 176: 104-110
Han, Paul The Church in China Urgently Needs the Attitude and Spirit of Francis 179: 71-87

Photo Gallery
The Holy Spirit Study Centre  Photographs of Madonna in China 176: 63-72
The Holy Spirit Study Centre Photographs of Lively Chinese Catholic Youth 177: 56-64
Tripod Staff The 35th Anniversary of the Holy Spirit Study Centre (Photographs) 178: 56-64
Tripod Staff World Youth Day 2016―Let’s Go! (Photographs) 179: 60-68
Tripod Editorial Staff  (Photographs) A Glimpse of Catholic Ethnic Life 180: 61-67
Tripod Editorial Staff Year of Mercy in Greater China (Photographs) 181: 61-68
Tripod Editorial Staff The Catholic Church during the Cultural Revolution (Photographs) 182: 64-72
Tripod Editorial Staff The 90th Anniversary of the First Six Chinese Bishops Consecrated in Rome (Photographs) 183: 49-56

Politics and Religion in China
Wang, Zuo'an
 New Changes in the Religious Situation in Our Country 177: 115-119
Ying, Fuk Tsang  Evaluation of Religious Work in China in the Last Ten Years 178: 67-74
Lam, Anthony The Impact of the National Security Law on Religious Groups: a Brief Commentary 178: 75-84
Lam, Anthony  Implications of President Xi Jinping’s Speech on Religious Work 182: 126-131

Society in China
Pon, Cynthia
The Veil and Ethnic Relations in China 180: 112-117

The Formation of Catholic Youth
Duo Mo  Road to Faith 177: 67-73
Dominic  My Life of Faith in the Last Forty Years 177: 73-78
Kam, Paul  Formation of Hong Kong Catholic Youth on Faith and Social Concern 177: 79-83
Jin Yan Born into a New Life 177: 84-87
Raphael An Analysis of the Question of Faith among University Students 177: 101-106
Liang, Jie & Jing The Wind: Where Does It Come From and Where Does It Go? 177: 107-114

Year of Mercy and the Church in China
Schreiter, Robert Discovering the Face of Mercy  181: 71-86
Mong, Ambrose Jubilee Year of Mercy 181: 87-93
Zhang, Jiaqin  Mercy in the Spiritual Life 181: 94-98
Lam, Annie Doors of Mercy in the Church in China 181: 99-104

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