Spring 2019 Vol. 39 - No. 192  The Relationship between Bishops' Conferences and the Universal Church

Tripod Index 2017-2018 Vol. XXXVII, No. 184 — Vol. XXXVIII, No.191

Tripod Staff


China and the Holy See   
John Cardinal Tong  
The Future of the Sino-Vatican Dialogue from an Ecclesiological Point of View   184: 71-80
Lam, Anthony The Summit on Organ Trafficking at the Vatican 184:130-132
Hon, Savio Tai-fai Salt and Light: Reflections on Pope Benedict’s Letter to the Church in China on the Occasion of its 10th Anniversary 187: 71-82
Han, Paul  Do Not “Dismember” Pope Benedict’s Pastoral Letter Anymore 187: 83-86
Barry, Peter The 10th Anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s Letter to the Clergy and Catholics of China 187: 87-94
Pope Francis  Message to the Catholics of China and to the Universal Church 191: 61-76
Tripod Staff The Holy See Confirmed the Signing of a Provisional Agreement with China 191: 77-79

China's Religious Policies  
 Ticozzi, Sergio Xi   
Jinping's Meaning of “Sinicisation of Religions” 184: 99-105
Rule, Paul Why “Sinicize” What is Already Chinese? 184:106-113
Zhang, Guanglai Religious Charity Work: Opportunity and Challenge under the New Circumstances 185:101-109
Lam, Anthony The Revised Regulations on Religious Affairs are Unsettling 187: 95-102
Madsen, Richard  The Tightening of Restrictions over Religions in China 188: 89-91
The State Council of the People's Republic of China Religious Affairs Regulations (2017 Revision)

[English Translation by China Law Translate, and modified by the Holy Spirit Study Centre editorial staff]
Ying, Fuk Tsang A View of the Revised Religious Affairs Regulations’ Impact on House Churches through the “Interpretations”       189: 86-99

Church History and People          
Tripod Staff           
Bishop Michael Yeung, New Leader of the Diocese of Hong Kong 186:113-115
Staff of the Holy Spirit Study Centre Obituary of Five Bishops 186:116-117
Chang, Jeffrey Bishop Francis Hsu and the Foundation of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences 189:100-109

Barry, Peter J.
Editorial (Tripod No. 184: The Catholic Church and Sinicization)  

184: 69-70
Barry, Peter J.    Editorial (Tripod No. 185: Reflections on 500 Years of Religious Reformation) 185: 61-62
Barry, Peter J.   Editorial (Tripod No. 186: Double Centenary: Fatima Apparitions and the Russian Revolution) 186: 65-66
Barry, Peter J. Editorial (Tripod No. 187:  The 10th Anniversary of Pope Benedict's Letter to the Church in China) 187: 69-70
Barry, Peter J.       
Editorial (Tripod No. 188: The Church in China Facing Severe Political Pressure) 188: 65-66
Pon, Cynthia  Editorial (Tripod No. 189: Impact of New Media on the Church in China)  189: 62-63
Pon, Cynthia Editorial (Tripod No. 190: Reflections on Contemporary Youth Ministry in China) 190: 70-71
Pon, Cynthia Editorial (Tripod No. 191: Rethinking Marx on the 200th Anniversary of his Birth) 191: 65-66

Evangelical Mission of the Church   
Jing, Baolu  
The Evangelisation of Culture and the Inculturation of Faith: An Opportunity or a Challenge in Contemporary China?  184:114-129

Formation of Priests and Seminarians
Ticozzi, Sergio         Excerpt from History of the Formation of the Native Catholic Clergy in China 187:103-105

Information and Statistics
Ticozzi, Sergio China Church and News Update 2016 184:  111-131
Ticozzi,Sergio China Church and News Update 2017  188: 67-82
Tripod Staff Tripod Index 2015-2016 (Vol. XXXV No. 176—VXXXVI No. 183) 185: 110-116 
Holy Spirit Study Centre Statistics of the Catholic Church in China (2017) 188: inside back cover

Interactions Between Society and Christian Faith
Pope Francis      
“The Truth will Set You Free” (Jn 8:32). Fake News and Journalism for Peace—Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for World Communications Day 2018 189: 64-70
Zhang, Wenxi Opportunities and Challenges of New Media for Evangelisation 189: 71-77
Yuen, Mary Internet Censorship and Civil Society 189: 78-85

New Books
Barry, Peter   
Book Review: Christian Monks on Chinese Soil, A History of Monastic Missions to China by Matteo Nicolini-Zani 186:102-105
Taveirne, Patrick Book Review: The Catholic Invasion of China: Remaking Chinese Christianity by D. E. Mungello 186:106-112

Photo Gallery
The Holy Spirit Study Centre Pioneering Chinese Catholic Art 184: 60-68
The Holy Spirit Study Centre Photographs of 500 Years of Religious Reformation 185: 53-60
Tripod Staff Double Centenary: Fatima Apparitions and the Russian Revolution (Photographs) 186: 57-64
Tripod Staff Looking Back on the Last 10 Years Since Pope Benedict's Letter to the Church in China (Photographs) 187: 61-68

Politics and Religion in China
Ticozzi, Sergio Religion in China: Imperialistic or Socialistic 

188: 98-102

Religious and Cultural Dialogue
Bp. Andrew Chan and the Very Rev. Samson Fan The Morning Star of Religious Reformation Long Before Luther          
185: 63-67
Foo, Jackie A Brief History of, and Research on Hong Kong's Ecumenical Movement (with survey questionnaire in an appendix) 185: 68-84
Duan, Chunsheng The Influence in China of the Catechisms from the Catholic Revival Movement (The Counter -Reformation) 185: 85-95
Tripod Staff Hong Kong Churches Engage in Exchange 500 Years After the Reformation 185: 96-100
Mella, Franco Marxism-Maoism and Christianity in China 191: 97-104
Lam, Anthony Christianity: Another Way of Interpreting Marxism 191:105-113

Society and Politics in China
Lam, Willy Factors behind Xi Jinping's Scorched-Earth Policy toward Dissidents and the Civil Society          
Lo, Wai Man When there is a Cleft in the Public Sphere: a Glimpse of the Suppressed Mainland Civil Society Today 188:92-97
Ticozzi, Sergio The Need for, and Function of the Communist Ideology 191: 80-90
Ma, Kwok Ming Is Marxism Still Relevant? 191: 91-96

Special Issue: Double Centenary:
Fatima Apparitions and the Russian Revolution 
Posdnyaev, Dionisy The Russian Orthodox Church and the Revolution of 1917 
186: 67-76 
Ching, Cheong A Bloodstained Road Heaped with Bones—a Retrospect and Reflections on the Centenary of the “October Revolution” 186:77-83 
Milio, Santiago One Hundred Years Later: What is the Effect of Fatima and the Russian Revolution on the Church?  186: 84-101

The Formation of Catholic Youth
Dominic Come and Follow Me: The Journey of a Youth Minister           190: 72-75
Sun, John Challenges among Young Families 190: 76-81
Lucas  Accompanying College Students 190: 82-86
Yifan Some Internal and External Factors to Consider in Youth Ministry 190: 87-91
Rosa Ren and Gardener Reflections of Two Youth Ministers 190: 92-99
Lam, Annie Responses of Youngsters in China to the Synod on Youth 190: 100-103 
Yan, Kin Sheung Chiaretto A Season for Relationships 190:104-109 
Lepeu, Bruno Recent Developments of Youth Ministry in China 190:110-121

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