Winter 2019 Vol. 39 - No. 195  Formation in the Catholic Church in China

New Plan for Tripod

Editorial Committee

Dear friends,   

        Thank you very much for your abiding support which enables us to keep on reforming and improving our publication. Tripod is about to celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2020. We believe that it is a suitable time for us to renew Tripod, in terms of its contents and style.   

        In the face of the development and changing social realities of China, in the past two years, the Holy Spirit Study Centre has been exploring new research directions, especially in the areas of history, theology, and contemporary situation, that is, employing an interdisciplinary approach. Through Tripod, we hope to deepen our analysis and reflections on the challenges and prospects of Christianity in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Hopefully, Tripod can continue to be a platform for the free exchange of ideas and thoughts.   

        The first aspect of our reform is about the contents. We will invite writers to contribute more academic and longer articles on a particular theme so that the discussion can take place more thoroughly. We hope to strengthen theological reflections and explore topics that have been less discussed in the past, such as the prospects for Churches in China and Hong Kong, the relationship between the Church and Asia and the international situation, the relationship between Catholicism and other religions, and the Church’s responses under the influence of China-Hong Kong relations. We have set up an academic advisory board to help us in achieving this goal. Meanwhile, we will also publish other articles outside the theme and book reviews.   

        We will merge the currently distinct Chinese and English sections into a single complete unit. The articles will not be translated into another language in full text. But we will provide a long translated abstract to meet the needs of different readers.   

        This new Tripod will be a biannual publication. For those who have already subscribed to Tripod beyond 2020, we will extend their subscription according to the number of issues they have paid for. In other words, the time duration of their subscription will be doubled. The subscription fees will remain unchanged.   

        We hope that you will keep on supporting us, and make an effort to promote Tripod to your friends, so that Tripod can be a platform for the exchange of research results and insights for those concerned about the Church in China. We also welcome any comments from you.   

        May God bless you abundantly!   

        Editorial Committee   
        The Holy Spirit Study Centre   

        September 2019

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