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2021-05-24Pope calls on Catholics to accompany Church in China with fervent prayer
2021-05-23Pope Francis urges Christians worldwide to pray for the church in China
2021-05-17Associated Press: Pope taps fellow Jesuit to lead sensitive Hong Kong church
2021-05-17America Mag: Head of Chinese Jesuits named new bishop of Hong Kong
2021-05-17Pope taps fellow Jesuit to lead sensitive Hong Kong church
2021-05-10China Vatican Agreement betrayed: Ordination of mentally and morally unstable to take place tomorrow
2021-04-30China brutalizes religious groups with repressive policies
2021-04-27Fined for hosting underground bishop’s mass. The Sino-Vatican Agreement betrayed
2021-04-21China intensifies clampdown on Christian orphanages
2021-04-18Vatican should appoint Joseph Ha as Hong Kong’s new bishop
2021-04-14Chinese priest urges the Holy Father to heed the voice of orphans, the weakest and truest of the Church in China
2021-04-12Sheshan’s shrine is closed but its amusement park is open, like other tourist spots
2021-04-08A charming dissident: Hans Küng and China
2021-04-08Chinese Christians honor ancestors at Easter
2021-03-25Why is the Vatican silent on China and Hong Kong?
2021-03-25Yining (Xinjiang): ‘Thanks to you, the church has not been destroyed. But Catholics cannot use it ‘
2021-03-23Pope Francis spoke out against oppression in Myanmar. Why is he silent on China and Hong Kong?
2021-02-26China’s new measures on clergy ignore Vatican agreement
2021-02-24China court orders man to pay wife for housework in landmark case
2021-02-23Fides: Mgr. Andrea Han Jingtao dies – Bishop Joseph Zong Huaide died
2021-02-22Church in China: 2021 dominated by the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Part
2021-02-19Yining’s Sacred Heart church to be torn down
2021-01-13Chinese Catholics urged to help state fight pandemic
2021-01-10China: Chinese Church condemns rumors of Catholics causing pandemic spread
2021-01-08SCMP: Beijing shuts religious venues as coronavirus spreads in Hebei Catholic heartland
2021-01-07Msgr. Zong Huaide, bishop emeritus of Sanyuan, has died
2021-01-05Siping, the life of Msgr. Han Jingtao in his own words


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2020-12-31Bishop Andrew Han Jingtao, a ‘giant of culture and faith’ of the underground Church, dies
2020-12-30Special Report-Nuns arrested as Beijing turns up heat on Church in Hong Kong
2020-12-28Chinese Catholics: Christmas joy, despite so many prohibitions
2020-12-27Pope Francis’ shameful silence on the Uyghur genocide
2020-12-24 Beijing control on Church to erase Christmas joy
2020-12-23 Second bishop ordained under renewed Vatican-China deal
2020-12-22 Hongdong’s Msgr. Pietro Liu Genzhu ordained
2020-12-19 Pope ‘badly advised’ on China bishops’ pact
2020-12-14 The three great pillars of Chinese Catholicism
2020-12-09 Fr Marazzi: My thanks for 60 years of missionary priesthood
2020-12-03 40 years of the Holy Spirit Study Centre, a bridge to the Church in China
2020-11-27 An unwavering bridge: Forty years building relations between the Church in China and the universal Church
2020-11-26Bishop ordained in China in communion with pope, says Vatican
2020-11-26Beijing hits back at pope for describing Uyghurs as ‘persecuted’
2020-11-24Pope says for first time that Uyghurs are ‘persecuted’
2020-11-24Pope Francis, for first time, says China’s Uygurs are ‘persecuted’
2020-11-23Msgr Thomas Chen Tianhao is the new bishop of Qingdao
2020-11-17 The China-Vatican agreement has been extended. Now, Rome is looking for more from Beijing
2020-11-16Does China really need more bishops?
2020-11-14Pope Francis said to be in final stage of selecting new Hong Kong bishop
2020-11-13Churches shut, demolished and ordered to be sold in China
2020-11-06Catholic nuns forced out of convent in China
2020-11-06Millions of doctors call for Taipei’s admission to the WHO Assembly
2020-11-02All Saints’ Mass in Shanghai Cathedral
2020-10-30Taiwan worries when Vatican agrees with China
2020-10-27The renewal of the Sino-Vatican agreement amid well-founded fears and feeble hopes

2020-10-26The renewal of the Sino-Vatican Agreement and civil unions for homosexuals

2020-10-22 China and the Vatican renew controversial bishops deal after ‘good start’
2020-10-22Vatican renews secret pact with China for two more years
2020-10-22Provisional agreement between China and the Holy See is renewed for another two years
2020-10-22The renewal of the Sino-Vatican agreement: Today’s meagre fruits and those of the future
2020-10-21China and the Vatican renew controversial bishops deal after ‘good start’
2020-10-21Vatican number two says deal with China on appointment of bishops will be renewed
2020-10-21China still silent on Vatican agreement: ‘Like a shame and ineffable hope’
2020-10-12The Holy See, China and the question of moral authority
2020-10-12Vatican on wrong side of history with China deal
2020-10-12Seminary and college mark anniversaries with year-long celebrations
2020-10-09Cardinal Zen: For the love of truth, I will not remain silent
2020-10-07Chinese bishop’s resignation seen as result of Sino-Vatican pact
2020-10-06Chinese bishop resigns before renewal of Beijing-Vatican deal
2020-10-06Fr. Brambillasca: the Mission in China, the centre of PIME’s history and future
2020-10-05Vatican tries to reassure critics of deal with China on bishops
2020-10-03Pope Benedict XVI approved bishop accord with China
2020-10-03Card Parolin: Like PIME missionaries, the Vatican seeks dialogue with China
2020-10-03 Dossier: What do the Chinese think of the China-Vatican Agreement
2020-10-02Parolin upbeat on Vatican-China deal after meeting Pompeo
2020-10-01Vatican seeks to extend bishops deal with Beijing that has brought ‘positive, despite limited’ results
2020-10-01Rebuffed by the Vatican, Pompeo meets critics of Pope Francis
2020-10-01Card. Parolin and Mike Pompeo on religious freedom. The negative path of denunciation; the affirmative path of truth
2020-09-30Vatican proposes renewal of deal with China on bishop appointments
2020-09-29Cardinal Zen flies to Rome to beg for ‘a good bishop’ for Hong Kong
2020-09-29Vatican defends China bishop negotiations on eve of US visit
2020-09-28Vatican silent as Tibetans are forced into concentration camps
2020-09-25Why is the US upset with the Vatican’s deal with China?
2020-09-23Vatican-China pact has made Church healthier, says official
2020-09-23China, still no ‘yes’ to Vatican agreement
2020-09-22Chinese Catholics angry over book claiming Jesus killed sinner
2020-09-22China, Vatican expected to renew bishops deal despite pressure from US, observers say
2020-09-22Vatican officials defend accord with China after Pompeo criticism
2020-09-22Eight new priests for the diocese of Beijing (photo gallery)
2020-09-21Vatican set to double down on very ordinary deal with Beijing
2020-09-18Why does the Vatican experiment in China?
2020-09-18Mindong: Fr. Liu released (VIDEO). But in Zhengding the bishop has been kidnapped for over a month
2020-09-17Mindong, Fr. Liu Maochun kidnapped for 17 days to force him to join the ‘independent Church’
2020-09-16Fear of Sino-Vatican Agreement: Echoes of the Church with Hitler
2020-09-15The Vatican is ready to renew its deal with China. Privately, officials admit they’re walking a tightrope.
2020-09-15Pope gives green light for extension of accord with Beijing
2020-09-15Vatican wants to extend China deal: Cardinal Parolin
2020-09-15China stifles underground church as Vatican looks to extend pact
2020-09-15Priest of the ‘lower class clergy’: Enthusiasm for the Sino-Vatican agreement is misplaced
2020-09-07Hong Kong Church divided as Beijing turns the screw
2020-09-11Beijing on renewal of the Sino-Vatican agreement: Yes…probably
2020-09-07 As Vatican ponders China deal, expert says it’s brought ‘little fruit’
2020-09-03Hong Kong cardinal accused of politics over cake campaign
2020-09-02Hong Kong priests asked not to offend communists
2020-09-01What drives a Chinese to become a Christian? (Part I)
2020-09-01Beijing police arrest an Australian journalist
2020-08-21Francesco Paolo Yang: My search for God and my baptism
2020-08-20China suppresses Catholics under Covid-19 cover
2020-08-19China’s state church installs sixth bishop
2020-08-19Recent episcopal installations not all the result of the Sino-Vatican Agreement
2020-08-19Msgr Jin Yangke, bishop of Ningbo, a ‘good pastor, loved by his faithful’
2020-08-18Xi Jinping ‘killing’ China, says expelled professor
2020-08-12Funeral regulations aim to split Chinese Catholics
2020-08-10Pope Francis can no longer be silent on Uyghur genocide
2020-08-07Shanghai Diocese bars underground priests from funeral parlor
2020-08-05China, Vatican negotiate to renew agreement: bishops
2020-08-04Chinese bishop dispels rumors of cathedral demolition
2020-08-03Sino-Vatican agreement two years later: To be a public servant or a soldier, people must deny their faith (V)
2020-07-30Sinicization seminar divides priests in China’s Shandong
2020-07-30Sino-Vatican deal two years later: Priest calls on Holy Father ‘not to renew the Agreement’ (IV)
2020-07-29U.S. cybersecurity firm says Beijing-linked hackers target Vatican ahead of talks
2020-07-29PIME victim of Chinese hackers, along with the Vatican and the Study Mission in Hong Kong
2020-07-23Two years after China-Vatican agreement. Repression the great equalizer for underground and official Church (III)
2020-07-23Can religion hold a dialogue with communism?
2020-07-21Two years after China-Vatican agreement. Repression against minors and churches (II)
2020-07-20Catholics keep the faith in historic deal despite slow progress
2020-07-20Locked down, locked up, locked out
2020-07-20China’s state church installs fifth underground bishop
2020-07-18Bishop Paolo Ma Cunguo of Shouzhou now recognized by government
2020-07-16Sino-Vatican agreement after two years: flags and monitoring (I)
2020-07-15Deadline looms for Vatican-China deal renewal
2020-07-14Massive voter turnout reflects need for change in Hong Kong
2020-07-13Dialogue between China and the Holy See is a trap
2020-07-10Msgr. Jia Zhiguo: The Church must be open to everyone, even those under the age of 18
2020-07-10Chinese bishop missing for 17 years feared dead
2020-07-09 Pope strays from script to avoid mention of Hong Kong in Sunday address
2020-07-08Dalai Lama plans to visit Taiwan
2020-07-08Web giants will not heed, for now, the Hong Kong security law
2020-07-07Chinese diocese asked to ban children to resume services
2020-07-06 Vatican hits stumbling block on road to rebuilding ties with China
2020-07-03Defiant Cardinal Zen: I am ready to be arrested
2020-07-03Cardinal Bo: Let us pray for Hong Kong
2020-06-30Communist China continues its blitz on crosses
2020-06-29Delicate Vatican-China pact negotiations likely next month
2020-06-25China installs another Vatican loyalist bishop
2020-06-23Bishop Augustine Cui Tai of Xuanhua is again sequestered by police
2020-06-22Fengxiang: Mgr Peter Li Huiyuan, former underground bishop, becomes official bishop
2020-06-22Chinese bishop detained again in campaign of harassment
2020-06-18Cathedral loses land as China pushes small businesses
2020-06-16Sinicization means a hostile takeover of China Church
2020-06-16Churches closed as fresh Covid-19 outbreak threatens Beijing
2020-06-15Fujian, from Bishop Bai’s Grotto to the Maria Rosa Mystica Sanctuary
2020-06-13Chinese communists’ nod for bishop deepens division
2020-06-12Audrey G. Donnithorne, a great lady of China
2020-06-10Third China-recognized Catholic bishop installed
2020-06-10Audrey Donnithorne, friend of the reconstruction of the Church and China, has died
2020-06-10Protesting Hong Kong students in Beijing’s crosshairs
2020-06-09Msgr. Peter Lin Jiashan is the (official) archbishop of Fuzhou
2020-06-05China makes preaching patriotism compulsory to reopen churches
2020-05-24Pope Francis appeals for Day of Prayer for Church in China
2020-05-23CHINA – Mourning in the Episcopate
2020-05-15Will churches reopen in mainland China?
2020-05-12Chinese officials restrict aged bishop’s funeral
2020-05-12End violence, tackle core issue, says Hong Kong bishop
2020-05-08Kim Jong-un congratulates Xi Jinping on the fight against coronavirus
2020-05-08Aged Chinese bishop dies months after Covid-19 recovery
2020-05-06Heilongjiang Church Launches Online Bible Program
2020-05-01China suspends all church activities, Marian pilgrimages
2020-04-29Chinese priest: Civiltà Cattolica and demolished crosses
2020-04-28China, churches to remain closed throughout May, all Marian pilgrimages canceled
2020-04-24Sino-Vatican interaction in the midst of Covid-19 coronavirus
2020-04-22Vatican dismisses rumors of papal visit to China
2020-04-21La Civiltà Cattolica launches Chinese edition
2020-04-13Underground Christians in China use faith and tech to reach out to followers at Easter amid Covid-19 crisis
2020-04-09Chinese Catholics give food to pandemic-hit Filipinos
2020-04-09Vatican thanks Chinese Catholics for gifts of medical supplies to assist in combating coronavirus
2020-04-08Covid-19 forces China to ease crackdown on Christians
2020-04-06Mindong priest taken and held by police. Bishop Guo Xijin blesses agents who control him
2020-04-02Fearing Covid-19 relapse, China keeps religious places shut
2020-03-29What American Christians can learn from the Chinese church in coronavirus crisis
2020-03-27China stifles funeral of underground Catholic bishop
2020-03-26Msgr. Giuseppe Ma Zhongmu, the only bishop of Mongolian ethnicity, has died. He was 101 years’ old
2020-03-23MMsgr. Shao Zhumin: Masks and protective suits for Italy and the Holy See from the diocese of Wenzhou
2020-03-19Chinese diocese donates masks to Italy, Vatican
2020-03-18Consecration of Hong Kong’s former Vatican legate delayed again
2020-03-16Lent in China: a more personal faith so as not to be stifled by atheism
2020-03-17Vatican sensitivity cited for stalling Chinese cardinal’s beatification
2020-03-13Chinese bishop warns of online prayers as virus cases fall
2020-03-06Fr. Bai Jianqing: Evangelizing during the coronavirus epidemic
2020-03-03Dialogue between the two cardinals on the Sino-Vatican Agreement is urgently needed
2020-03-03Cardinal’ Zen’s open letter in response to Cardinal Re’s criticism
2020-03-03Card.Re against Card. Zen: There is a “profound harmony” between Benedict XVI and Francis on China
2020-03-02Vatican cardinal accused of manipulating pope over China
2020-02-21Wheels on Vatican-China deal moving very slowly
2020-02-24Religious Groups in China Step Into the Coronavirus Crisis
2020-02-21China’s new Hong Kong chief a hardliner known for crusade against Christian churches
2020-02-20Will the Vatican ever meet prisoner Wang Yi?
2020-02-18Mainland Catholics accuse Vatican of bowing to China
2020-02-17Coronavirus: Chinese central bank cuts rates to stimulate the economy
2020-02-17SCMP: Pope Francis ‘initiated talks’ on bishops deal between Chinese, Vatican foreign ministers
2020-02-15Vatican and Chinese foreign ministers meet for first time in over 50 years
2020-02-14Online Worship at Beijing Churches under Coronavirus Outbreak
2020-02-14Chinese priest: The virus has isolated us, people are afraid
2020-02-13Cardinal Zen: Beijing wants Rome’s ‘total surrender’
2020-02-06Religion a mere toy for China’s comrades
2020-02-06Mandatory quarantine for anyone from China. Catholics at Mass, but with precautions
2020-02-05China’s medical shortage forces Catholic charity to appeal for help
2020-02-04Vatican sends masks to help tackle virus in China
2020-02-03Underground Catholics ignore China’s religion rules amid dangers
2020-02-03China bans Christian funerals as new rules take effect
2020-02-03Pope Francis donates 600,000 medical masks to China to fight the coronavirus
2020-02-01Chinese priest: As Christians in the midst of the Wuhan virus drama
2020-01-31Chinese churches closed as coronavirus spreads
2020-01-29Pope Francis prays for those affected by the coronavirus
2020-01-25CHINA – Catholics remember a young Chinese priest and missionary, Fr. Joseph Ma Zha Xi
2020-01-20New rules aim to wipe out China’s underground churches
2020-01-20Underground bishop Msgr. Cuitai freed. He will be re-arrested after the Chinese New Year
2020-01-16Mindong’s Msgr. Guo evicted from the curia: he will sleep on the street. Several priests and elderly also made homeless
2020-01-15Mongolia and the Holy See open to cultural and scholarly exchanges
2020-01-14Democracy trumps Chinese Communism in Taiwan election
2020-01-13Hong Kong denies entry to global rights group’s head
2020-01-03China tightens its grip on religion


題 目/ Topic

2019-12-23Fr. Giancarlo Politi, bridge builder with the Chinese Church, has died
2019-12-23Beijing boycotts Christmas: a sign of distrust in Chinese culture
2019-12-21Christmas in China: This is how we lay people announce the Good News
2019-12-20Christmas in China: without church, without singing, or with the visit of the Public Security (II)
2019-12-09Changing times for Marian devotions across China
2019-12-09Cardinal Zen targets Vatican silence on China, Hong Kong
2019-11-28Pope remains tightlipped on China, Hong Kong
2019-11-28ASIA/CHINA – Missionaries commemorated in the month of November to relaunch mission
2019-11-28Pope remains tightlipped on China, Hong Kong
2019-11-27VATICAN – Pope Francis: I love China, I would like to go to Beijing
2019-11-25Chinese bishop dies a decade after Vatican approval
2019-11-21Forum held to promote sinicization of theology
2019-11-21Time for Pope Francis to review China deal
2019-11-13Mindong, Msgr. Guo Xijin hounded by police to submit to the “independent Church”
2019-11-11Bishop of Hong Kong: Truth and justice for student who died in clashes
2019-10-30Mindong, first priestly ordinations after Sino-Vatican agreement. Msgr. Guo Xijin absent
2019-10-30The Diplomat
Religion With Chinese Characteristics: Sinicizing Religion in China
2019-10-25The Jesuits in China – models of intercultural dialogue
2019-10-23China tightens regulating on commercializing religions
2019-10-21Bishop Ha: Praying the Rosary, independent inquiry needed for reconciliation in Hong Kong
2019-10-17China’s religion problem:
Why the Chinese Communist Party views religious belief as a threat
2019-10-02Chinese govt tightens control over religious activities
2019-09-26Fewer altar boys: Another concern for China’s Catholics
2019-09-24Mission accomplished for China’s underground Catholic church, says bishop
2019-09-23Official churches and religions celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Chinese communist regime Kong
2019-09-20Strife over Marian shrine in China
2019-09-12Chinese state intensifies control over ‘official’ religions
2019-09-11Vatican-China bishops’ deal ‘bearing fruit’
2019-09-10On a wing and a prayer in China
2019-09-07Beijing & the Holy See — Seeking the Common Ground
2019-09-07Present & Future of Church in China

2019-08-30No need yet for Hong Kong to use emergency powers – senior parliamentary official
2019-08-28Msgr. Stefano Xu Hongwei ordained Bishop of Hanzhong
2019-08-28La Civiltà CattolicaPope Francis gives approval for first Chinese bishop to be consecrated after landmark naming deal
2019-08-28Another Chinese bishop, two days after the last
2019-08-26First bishop ordained since Sino-Vatican deal
2019-08-20La Civiltà Cattolica

The Church in China: Notes for ‘writing the future’
2019-08-24Mgr. Stefano Li Side, Bishop of Tianjin: an authentic witness of the Gospel of Christ
2019-08-14Self-styled Chinese bishop plans to ordain bishops without Vatican go-ahead
2019-08-14In Beijing, the “patriotic” formation of Mindong priests. “Is this still the Catholic Church?”
2019-08-13Special Issue “New Developments in Christianity in China”
2019-08-09The religious landscape of China in the twenty-first century
2019-08-09Religions: Restrictions and reality in China
2019-08-08The words ‘God’ and ‘Bible’ banned in Chinese textbooks
2019-08-06Priest not bowed by Cultural Revolution torturers
2019-08-01Beijing, erases ‘God’, ‘Bible’ and ‘Christ’ from kids text books
2019-08-01The unity of the Chinese Church, according to the Party (III)
2019-07-31An ‘independent’ Church, in wake of China-Vatican agreement (II)
2019-07-30Church unity in China after the Sino-Vatican agreement (I)
2019-07-29Control of book publishing ‘a political obsession in China’
2019-07-08Writer traces history of Catholic finances in China
2019-07-08Catholic musical tells life of China missionary saint
2019-07-05“Dubia” by Card Zen on the pastoral guidelines of the Holy See concerning the civil registration of the clergy in China
2019-06-29Fr Ticozzi: Guidelines for the clergy in China, a step forward but still ‘somewhat theoretical and optimistic’
2019-06-28Tomorrow the consecration of the new cathedral of Mindong. Without Msgr. Guo Xijin
2019-06-28Bishop Guo Xijin of Mindong: I am a man and not a monkey who favors all the wishes of others
2019-06-28Holy See issues pastoral guidelines for the civil registration of the clergy in China
2019-06-28VATICAN – Pastoral guidelines of the Holy See concerning the civil registration of clergy in China
2019-06-28Vatican tells Chinese clergy to follow their conscience on government registration
2019-06-28Vatican says China intimidating Catholics loyal to pope
2019-06-25Suffocating the Chinese Church with “independence”, while applauding the China-Vatican agreement
2019-06-19The big business of self-censorship over China
2019-06-18Msgr. Guo Xijin: Persecution is preferable to joining the Patriotic Association
2019-06-12Msgr. Guo Xijin: Persecution is preferable to joining the Patriotic Association
2019-06-11Mgr Li Side’s funeral treated as a ‘state affair’, monitored by police and security forces
2019-06-10Tianjin, an official priest and an underground priest remember Msgr. Stefano Li Side
2019-06-10No public funeral for Msgr. Stefano Li Side, bishop of Tianjin
2019-06-07Henan, chronicles of daily persecution: crosses and religious signs destroyed, blackmail and bans
2019-06-05Chinese Catholics being ‘tricked’ into losing new church
2019-05-29Chinese Catholic-run charity pays tribute to Jean Vanier
2019-06-03Two Chinese dioceses forced to join state-run association
2019-05-28Vatican’s Chinese Christian artworks go on display at Beijing’s Palace Museum
2019-05-27New-found trust between Vatican and Beijing
2019-05-24Under house arrest, the bishop of Shanghai posts a prayer to Our Lady of Sheshan
2019-05-22Pope Francis expresses ‘special affection’ for Chinese Catholics who suffer ‘daily hardships and trials’
2019-05-23Bitter-sweet prayers by Chinese Christians for Our Lady at Sheshan
2019-05-22“Dear faithful in China …”: Pope Francis for the feast of Our Lady of Sheshan
2019-05-22Pope Francis prays for Chinese Catholics
2019-05-17Catholics block demolition of Chinese shrine
2019-05-16New Chinese church springs from Gospel seeds sown in 1962
2019-05-15No Chinese translation of the Global Times interview with Card. Parolin
2019-05-15Vatican Secretary of State gives first ever interview to a Chinese Party newspaper
2019-05-15Top Vatican diplomat gives exclusive to Chinese state-run media
2019-05-12Pope Francis sees China as great country, says cardinal
2019-05-13Underground China church faces demolition
2019-05-08Plea over missing underground Chinese bishop
2019-05-07Handan, Shen Liu church demolition begins. The destruction of 23 more churches is scheduled

2019-04-30Henan, Catholic church crosses demolished in Weihui
2019-04-30Chinese Catholics worried about ‘political scanning’
2019-04-30Where is Gao Zhisheng?
2019-04-29Chinese Catholics remain split over Vatican deal
2019-04-18Mindong, Msgr. Guo Xijin and Msgr. Zhan Silu celebrate the Chrism Mass together
2019-04-17Vatican officials on goodwill mission to China to build on bishops deal
2019-04-17Vatican to attend Beijing garden expo amid warming ties
2019-04-16China’s acceptance of Vatican-approved bishop candidates ‘a positive sign’
2019-04-16Celebrating the First Re-opened Church
2019-04-16Underground priest in China arrested as Holy Week begins
2019-04-15Xuanhua worshipers call for the return of their priest kidnapped by security forces
2019-04-15Jining and Hanzhong, the first two bishops chosen after the China-Holy See agreement. Nothing new
2019-04-14Chinese Catholics Stage Sit-in at Second Shaanxi Church Threatened by Demolition
2019-04-12Faith and propaganda, the Party’s rhetoric for the ‘sinicization’ of religion
2019-04-12China holds first bishop elections since Vatican deal
2019-04-11Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will visit China from April 24 to 26
2019-04-10Fengxiang, 200 faithful in standoff with 600 policemen who want to destroy the Marian shrine of Mujiaping
2019-04-08The weeping face of the Chinese Church
2019-04-08Former Hong Kong Holy See official badly hurt in car crash
2019-04-08Msgr. Ante Jozic injured in a serious car accident
2019-04-04Facing criticism of China deal, Vatican’s top diplomat says ‘be patient’
2019-04-05Bishop told to toe party line before celebrating Chrism Mass
2019-04-04Shaanxi government razes Qianyang parish to ground
2019-04-02China rewards informants of illegal religious activities
2019-04-03Msgr. Guo Xijin and blackmail in the diocese of Mindong after the China – Holy See agreement
2019-03-29China’s deal with Vatican faces key test with appointment of first bishop under new arrangement
2019-03-29Chinese bishop back in detention, vicar general in custody
2019-03-29Xuanhua underground bishop Msgr. Cui Tai arrested
2019-03-26Vatican negotiator says deal with China on nominating bishops was basis for ‘more concrete dialogue’
2019-03-26Cardinal Zen denies disloyalty to the pope
2019-03-22HK scholar says underground China Church may vanish
2019-03-21Despite religious repression, Sino-Vatican deal is significant
2019-03-20Matteo Ricci and the Cultural Revolution absent in ode to friendship between China and Italy sung by Xi Jinping
2019-03-20Vatican hints that Pope Francis may meet Xi Jinping
2019-03-20China Tells Christianity To Be More Chinese
2019-03-20Vatican says ‘door is open’ to meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pope Francisbr>
2019-03-17As Xi heads to Italy, Vatican says China should not fear Church
2019-03-15Chinese Catholics, “reconciliation” masses in the Baoding diocese
2019-03-12Chinese Catholics, “reconciliation” masses in the Baoding diocese
2019-03-11Vatican and Xi Jinping: clarifying the fate of the underground Church and the Patriotic Association
2019-03-08Chinese priest suspended after joining open community
2019-03-07Bishops back Vatican-China deal as step to unity
2019-03-06Between hope and sadness, the top ten news of the Chinese Catholic Church in 2018
2019-03-05Vatican will improve bishop agreement with Beijing to help reunite mainland China’s underground Catholic churches, envoy of Pope Francis says
2019-03-05Vatican will improve bishop agreement with Beijing
2019-03-04Beijing denounce ‘political persecution’ of Huawei and Meng Wanzhou
2019-03-01Chinese Communist Party’s ‘schizophrenia’ on religion
2019-03-01China, nearly 50,000 baptisms in the Catholic Church in 2018
2019-02-25Transfers of priests highlight corruption in China Church
2019-02-20Why must Pope Francis come to China?
2019-02-20Italian composer fears church music in crisis
2019-02-19Legal move sparks fears for Chinese underground church
2019-02-13Msgr. Peter Jin Lugang of Nanyang and the dilemma of the Patriotic Association. A clarification
2019-02-11Cardinal Zen: Communists destroy foundation of equality
2019-02-08Chinese bishop and priests released for Lunar New Year
2019-02-08Freedom of religion in China ‘worsened in 2018’
2019-02-04Card. Filoni: The China-Holy See Agreement is historic, but I share some perplexities
2019-02-04Osservatore Romano: Note on the Catholic Church in China
2019-02-02Hong Kong university offers course and a text on 21 centuries of sacred music
2019-02-01Seven churches and communities suppressed in Qiqihar diocese
2019-01-30The Chinese government recognizes Msgr. Peter Jin Lugang coadjutor bishop of Nanyang
2019-01-28Cherishing the memory of Bishop Michael Yeung
2019-01-25Chinese underground bishop skips retirement Mass
2019-01-25Freedom fighter Cardinal Zen to be honored in US
2019-01-23Shantou bids farewell to Msgr. Zhuang Jianjian, who does not participate in mass
2019-01-22Chinese bishops’ chief vows to press ahead with Sinicization
2019-01-18Survivor of Chinese prisons celebrates priestly ordination
2019-01-15Chinese bishop accused of embezzling $4 million
2019-01-11Packed funeral farewells Hong Kong bishop
2019-01-11Ecological conversion: Greening the Christian heart
2019-01-11Top officials join Hong Kong Catholics in packed cathedral for Bishop Michael Yeung’s funeral mass
2019-01-11Hong Kong Catholics pay final respects to ‘man with ideals and great kindness’, late bishop Michael Yeung
2019-01-09Card. Zen defends the Vatican in choosing John Tong as apostolic administrator
2019-01-09Hong Kong bishop brought out of retirement by Pope ‘mainly over China relations’
2019-01-08Shock as Vatican brings Cardinal John Tong out of retirement
2019-01-07Card Tong appointed Apostolic Administrator of Hong Kong
2019-01-07Pope offers condolences over the death of Hong Kong bishop
2019-01-07Vatican News: China: A path for the good of the Church
2019-01-07City officials and Catholics pay tribute to late Hong Kong church leader Reverend Michael Yeung
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