The number 2 of the informatics giant denounces the Canadian government for violating her civil rights. The Canadian Ministry of Justice initiates procedures to extradite women.

3/04/2019, 09.50

Ottawa (AsiaNews / Agencies) – Canada’s treatment of Huawei’s chief executive, Meng Wanzhou is “political persecution,” according to Beijing Embassy in Canada, after the Ottawa Ministry of Justice said it did not see obstacles to Meng’s extradition to the United States.

Meng was arrested in December in Vancouver, where she owns two villas, at the request of Washington. The woman, daughter of Huawei founder, is accused of violating US sanctions against Iran and being responsible for other fraud.

In the fear of being extradited to the United States, where she risks decades in in prison, Ms. Meng filed a complaint against the Canadian government for “seriously violating” her civil rights, defining her detention as “illegal” and ” arbitrary” under Canadian law.

According to some experts, Meng’s complaint will allow her to gain time and delay the possibility of being extradited.

Meanwhile, two Canadian citizens are in prison in China on possibly trumped up charges and invented allegations of espionage. The most widespread opinion is that the two Canadians were arrested as retaliation against Ottawa.

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