INFO: USCCA Talk in NYC – Present & Future of Church in China

Date: 7 Sept., 2019  

INFO Forwarded from USCCA
US-China Catholic Association

As a friend of the US-China Catholic Association, I write to inform you of a talk on the Church in China that will take place in two weeks in New York City. You are invited to attend. Or if you know of someone whom this event would interest, please forward this invitation.

and How the U.S. Church can Respond With the signing of an historic agreement between the Vatican and the Chinese government, many hoped that the Catholic Church in China, with its long and storied history, had overcome an impasse. However, news of Church destructions and increasing religious restrictions continue to flood the media.

Fr. Michael Agliardo, SJ, executive director of the US-China Catholic Association and a research scholar in sociology at Santa Clara University, will share some insights into the present moment, and invite discussion among those present.

“The Catholic Church in China”, a short award-winning documentary produced by America Media, will also be shown, and co-producer Zac Davis will be present to offer some unique insights.

To find out more, visit Space is limited

Our mailing address is:

US-China Catholic Association

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