Visiting Researchers Programme

To expand and deepen the exchange of academic researches of the Chinese Catholic Church, the Holy Spirit Study Centre provides a research program for visiting Catholic scholars in China and abroad, as well as for non-Catholic scholars studying in the same field.

I. The Scope of Study

All the subjects related to the Chinese Catholic Church, as well as the studies on the implementation of theory and practice of the Chinese Catholic Bible, theology, spirituality and ecclesiastical documents in China.

II. The Visiting Period

The period for researchers to visit Hong Kong can be classified into three months, six months, or one year. The Centre will make the final decision according to the specific research proposal.

III. The Research Results

Upon completion of the visiting study, the researcher is required to submit at least one research result (a thesis or/and a book) based on the research proposal/ the length of the visit. The copyright of the research results is owned by the Centre, which reserves the right to publish or use them.

If the research results are not published by the Centre, the author should obtain the consent of the Centre and acknowledge the funding of the research by the Centre in the publication.

During the study period of the researcher’s visit in Hong Kong, the Centre may arrange one or more academic lectures for the researcher according to his/her research content. It will enable Christians in Hong Kong to share their research results and gain a deeper understanding of the life and situation of the churches in Mainland China.

IV. Accommodation

The Centre will fully support/fund the invited researchers participating in the Programme, including board and lodging, and research expenses during the visit to Hong Kong.

V. Application for the Programme

Researchers who are interested in participating, please send a detailed proposal according to the following items to the Research Programme [email protected]

A biography, and a description of participated research projects and results;

  1. A biography, and a description of participated research projects and results;
  2. The theme, main content and methodology of the intended study;
  3. The significance of the research topic;

  4. The status and trends of the intended research topics in China and abroad;

  5. The expected progress and results of the study; and

  6. The cost of the study.